php election thingy, a short story
I needed to get something together quick for student senate elections at the college where I work. So this is the creature that was born. I looked at the other stuff out on freshmeat, phpAnyVote, phpPolls, phpSGVote, iVote, Free-Vote, FREE, Sympoll... most couldn't do what I needed so I came up with this. Check out those other packages they may be what you are looking for. I didn't spend that much time on it so you may notice several things that make you say WTF? but hey it works... :P
thanks to my programmer buds at the college (Dan, Mike, and Phil) I got this done on time.

It's not pretty here are screens.
I don't claim to be a graphics designer

A short list of what you need to get this running:
if you want to use the included perl script to populate your registered users table.

go to SourceForge Logo to download.